Board of REALTORS® Minutes



January 28, 2015


The El Dorado Board of Directors met at 11:15 am at the El Dorado Country Club.  The Minutes for October 2014 and the Financial Report for October/December 2014 were read and approved.


Bruce Woolsey made motion to accept the Oct. 2014 Minutes and Maxine Canterberry seconded.


Bruce Woolsey made motion to accept the Oct-Dec 2014 Financial Report and Carolyn Malone seconded.







Amendment to the October 2014 Minutes:  The cost of the C.E. Class will be $60 per member and $15 for lunch that day.


President Black requested a copy of the members of each CORE Committee.


Janet Doss was presented to the BOARD of DIRECTORS as the new E.O.  She accepted this position in January of 2015.  Nancy Murphy will be retiring at the end of February 2015.  She has served in the E.O. position for 16 years.  Nancy will be greatly missed.


Janet/Nancy presented to the Board the new signature card for signing by the new Officers for 2015.


Nancy informed the Board that she was revealing the new website for the El Dorado Board Of REALTORS at the General Membership meeting.


Vicki Templeton will be presenting Jim Moore with a retirement gift from the Board.  Jim has been serving the local real estate community since the early 1970’s.


Nancy gave a heads up to the Directors that Magnolia’s Board of REALTORS may be requesting to join our Board in the new future.  No discussion at this time.


Request to remove Nancy Murphy and add Janet Doss to the EBOR email.


There was no more business and the meeting was adjourned.


Members Present: Ashlee Black, Vicki Templeton, Nell Hannegan, Maxine Canterberry, Carolyn Malone, Bruce Woolsey, Lauren Smith,

Janet Doss and Nancy Murphy.  Brooke Hatch was absent.


General Membership Minutes




The El Dorado Board of REALTORS held their first quarterly

Membership Luncheon on Wednesday, January 28, 2015 at the El Dorado Golf & Country Club at noon.


Ms. Ashlee Black, President of the Board for 2015, called the meeting to order.  Members, Affiliates and guests were welcomed.  Jason Reed lead the group in prayer.  Ms. Black then lead the group in the Pledge of Alliance.


President Black also introduced Janet Doss as the new Executive Officer for the Board.  Janet was a REALTOR for 10 years before retiring in 2013.  She is very excited about this new challenge and looks forward to working with everyone.


Nancy Murphy will retire at the end of February.  She has been associated with El Dorado Board of REALTORS for over 16 years.  She has done a GREAT JOB!  She will be greatly missed.


The guest speaker for this meeting was Lt. Chris Lutman of the El Dorado Police Department.  Lt. Lutman chose to speak on REALTOR SAFETY.  Some of his suggestions was for all REALTORS to BE AWARE of their surroundings at all times.  He also suggested that you meet your client BEFORE showing them anything.  Have them come to your office so each of you can become a little more acquainted with each other.   Lt. Lutman went on to say that if it doesn’t feel right LISTEN to your heart.  New clients that are moving to this area are urged to contact the Police Department for an appointment to meet with them so they can assist you with your questions or concerns you may have about this area.


Vicki Templeton, Vice-President of the Board, presented Mr. Jim Moore with a gift from the Board for his retirement.  Mr. Moore had been in the real estate business since the early 1970’s.  He was presented with an engraved knife.


All members and affiliates were reminded that CE class with be held on February 25, 2015 at the Country Club.  Mr. Wayne Camp will be conducting the class.  Cost of the class will be $60 and lunch will be $15.


If you are interested in attending this class you need to pre-register by contacting Janet at 818-1013.


Nell Hannegan gave a short report on RPAC – 40% of our members contributed for a total of $1,376.00. She informed the members and affiliates that they could contribute anytime during the year.


Next Board meeting with be March 25, 2015.


And next general membership luncheon will be April 22, 2015 at the El Dorado Country Club at noon.


Marquita Bailey won the door prize that was contributed by Jan’s Realty.